The Next Landscape

Hic manebimus optimae. Environmental beauty is not just an accessory feature of the place we live in; rather, it is a distinguishing feature. Valuing the environment pays off because the environment will support those who have made it so by living it.

Among the various activities it promotes, the Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation aims at the construction and conservation of sites based on the importance of environmental ecobiology. One of these is the Burg of Lizori, which the Foundation has been supporting for years and which has the honour of representing, through its cover, the important theme addressed in the book “The Next Landscape”. Among the various valuable contributions it contains, there are also chapters devoted to Lizori, the content of which contributes to giving the most authentic reading of the Burg (from the architectural point of view, but also from the sociological and ethical point of view of the integral recovery carried out here).

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