The International Summer School is promoted by the Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation – Switzerland and by the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism of London, supported by its founder HRH the Prince of Wales, through the Italian delegation INTBAU Italy, in collaboration with the University of Perugia – International Landscape Research Laboratory (CIRIAF-SSTAM) and the Polytechnic of Milan – Environmental Design & Multi-Sensoriality Experience Laboratory (EDME).

The Summer School is a workshop that hosts young people from all over the world, in particular from New Zealand, Holland, Serbia and Italy (Milan, Perugia, L’Aquila) and is an opportunity to study, through the drawing, what Lizori’s language and Code is.

Through a symbolic and a graphic transcription, Lizori’s Code develops the discourse and the language of identity of this place. The students will deal with both digital and traditional, manual techniques, drawing Lizori’s façades, details and stones. The aim of this study is to obtain a repertoire and a catalogue of reliefs, graphs and documentation that can become a sort of sample of reference solutions to be applied in the architecture of reconstruction on other sites, also at international level, that have experienced neglect or catastrophic phases.

It is all about transmitting a series of intangible concepts linked precisely to living in this place, that is to say, resuming in some way the thought that, born here with Meneghetti, would then be transferred to those who live and work here today.

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