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Lizori as a glocal example: a peaceful and inclusive hamlet that promote equitable quality education at every level.

This project started in 1976 and from 2013 The Foundation take care of Lizori in order to continue to be an example for other projects in the world as happened till now. Promoting educational activities, artistic and cultural events, also at international level, at the hamlet. Incentivize new entrepreneurial activities, artisan workshops, tourist services.
These are but some of the missions pursued by the Antonio Meneghetti scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation while investing in the place, missions that guarantee the full and pleasant experience of the hamlet. The relations that the Foundation established with local institutions proved very fruitful.
Thanks to the partnership with the Public Administration, the Foundation was given the direct management of some spaces owned by the City of Campello sul Clitunno inside the hamlet, such as the Dukes’ Palace, whose inner spaces were recovered and given back to full public use.

Collaboration of public and private sectors

Lìzori is an example of how public and private sectors can concretely collaborate. The most recent case is the remake of the hamlet’s public lighting and the creation of an artistic lighting system for the hamlet’s walls and towers, accomplished in 2015. The intervention was strongly wished for by those who take care of the place, who rose the interest of the Administration of Campello sul Clitunno, and was made possible by free donations of private subjects, who co-funded the work. The lamps are all handmade, though technologically sophisticated, and make use of high-pressure sodium, thus allowing the maximum energy saving and onfirming
the high ecobiology agreement that Lizori is based upon. A warm light that does not twist the colours and exalts the stones’ natural tonalities, a light that embraces Lizori’s skyline in a golden cloud, shining on the valley till its farthest spurs.

For loving Lizori…


  • The Α in this project was created precisely in the Umbria region, the land where Lizori stands. The age-old pottery art of Deruta was used, applying the liquid clay pouring technique, which makes this item valuable and sophisticated.

    You can order your Α, available in different colours, by email:

  • The hamlet’s redevelopment was strictly carried out through private funding. Dozens of private individuals – united by their enthusiasm and passion – invested their money not only to purchase and refurbish derelict properties for personal use, but also to restore all public areas so that they could, once again, become available to the community. All this was achieved without subsidies or sponsors, without any public or third party funding whatsoever, with
    absolutely no speculative intent.

    “An Α for Lizori” is a project fostered by the Antonio Meneghetti Scientific and Humanistic Research Foundation (a Swiss non-profit foundation).

    You will be able to get an Α with a minimal donation which will help further development of the Lizori hamlet. All project’s revenues will be used by the Foundation  to support culture, leisure, scientific and art events organized in respect of those humanistic values that brought about the rebirth of this hamlet.



You can contribute to the Lizori Project by purchasing the photo calendar published in 2016 by the AM Foundation to mark the 40th anniversary of the start of the renovation of the Bourg. A calendar with beautiful photos, historical notes and curiosities about the Bourg.


Or you can contribute by purchasing the DVD of “Lizori – Un Borgo per il Terzo Millennio” (Lizori – A Village for the Third Millennium), which in over two hours of film, tells how this project was born and how it was realised.


The book “Lizori, a building site where man returns” is also available. Through the narration of different authors, it explains the recovery of a prestigious place from the past as a function of the man of the third millennium.


All proceeds from these initiatives will be used by the Foundation to increase cultural, recreational, scientific and artistic activities in respect of those humanistic values that gave birth to the rebirth of this village.