A place to live

  • In this place, human nature blends with the earth’s one.
    Man and nature are an inescapably united at Lizori.


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    The conservative restoration of the castle at Lizori was flanked by the recovery of all typical arboreal essences. From the centuries-old olive trees to the capers cast among the stones, rosemary and broom hedges, the choice of plants, the respect for spontaneous biotopes, their punctual placing have created a mix that is able to not only reinstate a natural habitat, but also allowed for the spontaneous return of wild animals, hawks, hoopoes, blue rock thrushes, kites, foxes and crested porcupines.

    11novembrecalbbb_3086A limited oil production, almost exclusively reserved for internal use, particularly appreciated by those who now have a house at Lizori: the Lizori oil is produced from centuries-old olive trees all around the castle, that cling to the rocks lashed by the sun that shines on this privileged coast of the Spoleto Valley, that gives the world her best green gold.

    Asparaguses and mushrooms, arugola, radicchio, wild fennel and any other species of spontaneous herb, ancient fruit varieties, plums, prunes, mulberries, fig trees and apricot trees, they all enrich the range of colours and scents that you can catch here, among the narrow streets or just outside the walls, simply walking by.

    The footpaths and cycle routes are equally very beautiful, to enjoy a few hours of healthy open-air activity; from the freshness of the Fonti del Clitunno you can climb up toward the castle and reach Trevi, or face the nearby Spoleto – Assisi cycle lane. Each itinerary is possible from Lizori.